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Department of Civil Engineering

About Us

The Department of Civil Engineering was started in the academic year 2009 with a sanctioned intake of 60.The annual Sanctioned intake was increased to 120 in the academic year 2013 -2014.The Department has well equipped laboratory facilities and a team of highly qualified faculty experienced in diversified fields of Civil Engineering.

The Department is specifically aiming to train the students through in plant training and industrial visits to make awareness among the students on the field problems of the construction industry. Students are encouraged to actively participate in co curricular and extra curricular activities. Department Conducts various placement activities such as training on Aptitude Skills, Technical skills and Refresher courses on subjects relevant to meet the industrial demands in addition to the various training programmes organized by the Training & Placement Cell.

The Department currently offers B.E. Degree in Civil Enigneering and M.E Degree in Structural Engineering following the Anna University Curriculum.

Vision of the Department:

To make the Department of Civil Engineering, unique of its kind to promote education and research in the various fields of construction industry.

Mission of the Department:

To impart highly innovate and technical knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering to the urban and unreachable rural student folks through “Total Quality Education”.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO):

  To provide educational and professional knowledge that enables the students to achieve successful careers in the construction industry.

  To create awareness on Sustainable environment and Societal concern among the Students.

Program Educational Outcomes (PEO):

  To provide the basic knowledge on science, engineering fundamentals, engineering mechanics, construction materials and techniques.

  To impart technical knowledge to train the students to understand complex engineering problems to achieve design solutions with modern technological approach and application software.

  To train the students with research based methods to work on projects dealing with analysis and interpretation of data and to provide valid solutions.

  To make the students to understand about the societal, environmental contexts and need for sustainable development.